Steepleview Golf Course Guide

Our 9-hole Steepleview course has been designed to be an inexpensive round of golf, featuring two par 5's, five par 4's, and 2 par 3's totaling a challenging par 36.

Unlike most courses, you will need all your clubs for a round on the 2964 yards that await you. The golf course is cared for by our superintendent, Ricky Lewis.





















Rules and Regulations

1. Everyone must sign in at the clubhouse before golfing. Tee times will be honored over walks-ons.

2. Soft spikes only are permitted on the course.

3. No more than four people to a group all day Saturday, Sunday and Holidays and after 3:00 PM on weekdays. No more that 5 golfers at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. Holes are to be played #1 through #9 and #10 though #18 only. No "cutting" is allowed.

5. Keep all riding carts 40 feet from the greens

6. You must be at least 16 years of age to operate a clubhouse golf cart. You must be 14 years of age to operate a privately own golf cart. Only two people are allowed per cart. Operators assume full responsibility for any and all damages caused by the misuse of golf cart, including repairs to the golf cart.

7. It is each players responsibility to replace or fill divots, fix ball marks on the green and rake bunkers.

8. Carts may travel onto fairways only at 90 degrees from cart paths or roughs.

9. An adult must accompany children under 12 years of age after 3:00 PM daily, all day on weekends and holidays.

10. Shirts and appropriate attire is required at all times.

11. Players are expected to maintain their position on the course. Slow groups may be asked to speed up or let others play through.

12. Practice activities are to be restricted to the putting green or practice range. Practice on the course is not permitted.

13. All players are responsible for their own safety during hazardous weather conditions and play at their own risk. Steepleview Golf Course cannot be held liable for failing to warn players of hazardous weather conditions or the need to cease play.

14. The golfer is liable for damages on the course as well as to homes on adjacent property.

15. All players are to observe the rules of golf etiquette as adopted by the USGA at all times.